With Kind's web solution, you lower the threshold and increase accessibility.

Create entrances and optimize your accessibility.

Make it easy to receive new and existing patients at any time of the day. With a chat feature and BankID login directly on your website, it becomes convenient to contact you instead of any of the online doctors.

Triage easily to the right care.

Use predefined and quality-assured questionnaires, templates, and knowledge articles to meet various needs. With the right personnel, information, and tools, Kind becomes a natural part of both your internal and external patient safety and quality work.

Efficiency should not require size.

Kind Web is what we call 'simple and brilliant,' a solution that is easy and cost-effective to customize and implement regardless of your size. A simple solution provides high usability, satisfied employees and patients, and healthcare of higher quality.

Some benefits of Kind Web.


Send messages, images, videos, and files through a user-friendly interface.

Video meetings

Conduct video meetings with one or multiple participants.


Meet different needs with the right personnel and tools.


Receive new and existing patients at any time of day.

Bank ID

Confirm the identity of your patients quickly and smoothly.

SMS notifications

Alert patients to responses through SMS notifications.

Your brand

Expose your brand and provide patients with a consistent digital experience.


Collect information/knowledge/FAQ in the app.

What suits you best?

Chat Send messages, pictures, videos, and files in a user-friendly interface.
Video meetings Schedule, invite, and meet patients using our built-in secure video meeting feature.
Library Build a knowledge repository and gather your organization's knowledge, information, and media. Share this easily with your patients.
Care plans Customize care journeys for your patient groups, where the right information is automatically shared with the patient at the right time.
Tags Tag and segment user groups for targeted communication and user statistics.
Receipts Prompt patients at any time to confirm appointments, important information, and agreements.
Forms Short turnaround times for knowledge acquisition and automatic form sharing. The patient responds remotely and at their convenience.
External document sharing Share or receive digital referrals, documents, and certificates with other healthcare providers and collaborators.
Mark chat resolved Use our flexible 'mark chat as resolved' feature for improved case management and smoother follow-up.
Invitations and appointments Send digital appointments and reminders with a single click
Patient assignment Triage and assign responsibility for patients to the right healthcare personnel at the right time.
Web interface Welcome new and existing patients through a web interface directly on your website.
SMS notifications Free notifications directly to the patient's mobile phone.