Relationships for life

We believe that the relationship in a healthcare encounter is crucial, often decisive. We believe in a partnership between healthcare providers and the person seeking care. With this, we can create the right conditions to achieve the best healthcare outcomes. We build relationships for life!

Kind about Kind

Both in my previous role as a healthcare operations manager and in my current role as CEO, I love working with Kind and the value we create. Streamlining workflows while strengthening the patient relationship through increased perceived presence and accessibility is fantastic!
Louise Sternros
CEO, Kind

Kind's driving force ⚡️

Knowledge, experience, and guidelines are out there. Kind's driving force is to make good healthcare accessible. For everyone. On equal terms. We provide our customers with the opportunity to focus on their expertise and core operations, together creating conditions for modern healthcare with the person at the center. Through Kind's digital platform, a secure and safe meeting between healthcare providers and patients is made possible – an innovative combination of patient presence, efficiency, and quality-assured knowledge transfer.

Our team 🏅

We are an amazing team with backgrounds in healthcare, game development, the pharmaceutical industry, and behavioral science. Unique like everyone else but with a clear common vision: to develop and provide a communication platform with the person at the center, thereby making good healthcare accessible in a secure, simple, and effective way.

Kind ❤️ you

We love that our platform is used daily by thousands of patients and healthcare professionals in both private and public healthcare. We love hearing how our customers save time while patients experience greater presence. And we love evolving together. Pays to be Kind!