Take the first step

First, answer the following questions:

Do you feel compelled to use email and texting even though you know it is not safe?

If you answered YES to any of these questions. Make your communication both secure and efficient

Is security making it complicated to communicate and share information with your colleagues?

What is Digital Transformation?

  • Every transformation starts with a change. Going to the digital environment means reviewing the way you work and realizing the potential of digital transformation in your career.

  • It is to relearn and clearly evaluate what you and your patients need.

  • The digital transformation goes beyond technologies. It involves people!


“It is important for us to be accessible for the expectant mother throughout the entire pregnancy. The Kind platform turned out to have many benefits, not just the communication which is easy, smooth and secure, but also the ability to share all kinds of information and guidance about the pregnancy journey which is vitally important to receive when pregnant.”

Petra Vigh

Midwife, Marketing and Co Partner at Barnmorskegruppen Oresund

“Not only has the patient security increased using Kind’s chat feature, the daily work has also been made much easier. It has also been wonderful to be able to get the product tailored to our needs, and the support is fantastic!”

Gita Rajan

Head of Clinic and Research at Wonsa, World of No Sexual Abuse

“The team are able to share important information and material with their patients, such as post surgery treatment plans. This new way of receiving and exchanging information has been well received by patients and the overall response has been great.”

Cecilia Åkesson

Occupational Therapist,Thoraxkirurgi och Hjärt-Lung Skåne University Hospital

The guide

  • The guide How to remodel your digital service is a GPS of your digital transformation.

  • We will guide you step by step so you can know what you need to meet the high requirement for secure data handling and communication at each stage.