A voice in the epidemic: Dr Maria Mossberg

Our CEO Charlotta Tönsgård had the opportunity to meet with the inspiring Dr Maria Mossberg for an interesting webinar about the covid-19 situation in Sweden. Dr Maria Mossberg is a Swedish pediatrician who started a video blog with the goal to reach out to the public with factual information about covid-19 from a swedish doctor’s perspective.

In this webinar Dr Maria Mossberg provides some insight on what measurements Sweden has taken against the epidemic and in what way it has affected healthcare, and her daily work. She shares her own opinion on Sweden’s strategy and her thoughts on what we can expect of the months ahead. With her knowledge in children’s infectious diseases she clarifies how the virus affects children and gives guidance to parents, but also common people, on how to act in this epidemic.

If this webinar has made you curious about Dr Maria Mossberg we encourage you to visit her channels to watch more of her informative videos!



Instagram: DrMariaMossberg

Posted on

June 17, 2020


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