A Kind Story with Thoraxkirurgi

We met with occupational therapist Cecilia Åkesson who works at Thoraxkirurgi, the cardiac ward for heart transplant and advanced failure at the Skåne university hospital in Lund. They have been using the Kind platform for a year now. Cecilia shared with us what has been made possible by integrating Kind into her team's workflow and the benefits they have seen.

"The team are able to share important information and material with their patients, such as post surgery treatment plans involving both medicine and dietary advice. This new way of receiving and exchanging information has been well received by patients and the overall response has been great. Most people are very positive about getting the information presented to them through an app on their phone. An important thing for us is making sure that our patient knows how to contact us urgently if required, we can do this easily using the app as well. "

Cecilia Åkesson, Occupational Therapist,Thoraxkirurgi och Hjärt-Lung Skåne University Hospital

Cecilia mentions how her team has greatly benefited from using the chat feature when talking with patients and also being able to ask questions with patients ahead of their visit by using digital forms.

Cecilia herself is very positive towards the app and what it can do for the health care service, especially for the remote follow up communication when the patient is discharged.

If you are interested in finding out how the Kind platform can work in your team then please get in touch.

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March 31, 2020


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