Healthtech startups look beyond Europe to expand

Our CEO Charlotta is featured in this article from our friends at Sifted further validating why we exist and why we have built a smart, secure, easy to use communication platform for healthcare professionals that allows them to send messages, share information and prepare individuals ahead of their visit.

"Charlotta Tönsgård, founder of Swedish healthtech startup Kind, says she needs to grow her tech business outside of the local market. The product, which is like Slack but for specialist healthcare providers, requires scale for the economics to work.But, instead of aiming to expand in Europe, she is looking to the Middle East and South America. According to Tönsgård this is because the regulation in Europe, as well as attitudes, makes innovations in healthcare exceptionally difficult..."

Source: Sifted, October 21st 2019 here

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October 21, 2019