Guide to new features: Schedule Messages

Do you have messages or reminders that you want to send to your patients at a certain time?

With the new feature Schedule Messages you can simply prepare the message in advance and it will be sent automatically right on time, making your communication with patients more time efficient.

How to schedule a message

Navigate to the chat view, tap the plus icon next to the text input field, and select Schedule a Message.

Select date and time and enter the message. If required, Ask for read confirmation (read more about the Read Receipt feature here). When you press Send you are notified that your message has been created. You have the possibility to edit or delete a scheduled message.

Find and edit a scheduled message

To edit a scheduled message navigate to the contact’s user-info, scroll down to the headline that says Scheduled Messages. Choose which message you want to edit and select Edit. Here you can change the date and time for the message, edit the text, turn on or off the read receipt, and delete the scheduled message.

Scheduled message

When the set time is reached your scheduled message will be sent and appear as an ordinary message in the chat.

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Posted on

May 13, 2020


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