A Kind Story: Barnmorskegruppen Öresund

Barnmorskegruppen Öresund is an accredited Midwife clinic in Skåne with offices in Trelleborg, Vellinge and two in Malmö. Providing specialist support and advice in antenatal care, contraception and sexual health. The experienced team consists of 16 midwives, 4 doctors, 3 sexologists. They pride themselves on providing a quality service to all their expectant mothers assigning them their own midwife throughout the entire pregnancy journey.

The co-owner and marketing director at Barnmorskegruppen Öresund, Petra Vigh, shares her story of how their maternity clinic has implemented Kind into how they deliver a health care experience to the expecting mothers.

By using the Kind platform they have managed to further enhance the experience they provide their expectant mothers and also save valuable time, allowing them to focus and spend more quality time with their clients.

“...we had to find new solutions and then Kind showed up. And now we can communicate easily, secure and efficient with our women.” – Petra Vigh

Before, Barnmorskegruppen Öresund used email as their main method of follow up communication with their expectant mothers. This all changed when GDPR was introduced and they had to investigate a more robust and safer option. They knew that their clients preferred to communicate in this way so they looked for a solution that would be both easy to use and secure.

Now, the Kind platform provides them with this and as they started to use Kind it became very clear that it had many more benefits than just sheer communication:

  • The team can build their own knowledgebank of useful information on the platform where the women and their partner can go to seek answers. This helps to reduce both the amount of questions they receive and the anxiety of the expecting mother.
  • The automated care plans lets the team send out convenient information that supports the women at the stage of the pregnancy journey they are in.
  • They can more easily send out information that is connected to the seasons. The women could be sent a guide to, for instance, what not to eat during the christmas holidays or important things to know before traveling in the summer.
  • They are able to quickly share information with all of their clients on current events, in this case the latest findings and directions on the coronavirus.     


For Barnmorskegruppen Öresund it is important to be accessible to the pregnant women throughout the journey. By using the Kind platform they now have a great possibility to do that, says Petra Vigh. She concludes her story with the hopes that Kind will help them to maintain their values; that the pregnancy journey at Barnmorskegruppen Öresund should be filled with the feeling of safety, inspiration and joy.

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May 29, 2020


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