A Digital Communication Platform: For Maternity Care

Accessible communication with patients is crucial for delivering optimal care. This has led to an increased demand for digital tools. For maternity care Kind have made a big difference. Kind is designed to save time and increase work efficiency through smart usage of digital channels. With Kind the midwives can find out essential information about the pregnant woman’s health before having the first physical meeting with her, and keep her up to date about her pregnancy and keep her informed via the app between the appointments at the clinic.

Today Kind is used by, among others, by Barnmorskegruppen Öresund, Vasamamma and Raijer & Sup. Kind, in comparison to other digital tools on the market, is fully customised for relational care where you have interactions with the same patient over time.

“It is important for us to be accessible for the expectant mother throughout the entire pregnancy. The Kind platform turned out to have many benefits, not just the communication which is easy, smooth and secure, but also the ability to share all kinds of information and guidance about the pregnancy journey which is vitally important to receive when pregnant.”

Petra Vigh

Leg. Midwife Barnmorskegruppen Öresund

“Everything is about delivering good service. We get help in offering a fantastic service with smart digital solutions to our patients via Kind App. Kind is equally appreciated by staff and patients.”

Haleh Amirfaryar

CEO, Vasamamma

  • Streamline the first appointment

    With Kind, our midwives have managed shorten the first appointment while at the same time making it more qualitative. This has been achieved by sending a user friendly digital health declaration to the pregnant women and her partner before enrollment.

  • Replace post and paper-based information sharing

    Send referrals, certificates and other relevant information digitally via Kind. Your patients will securely receive your message and can respond straight from their smartphone, tablet or computer.

  • Share right information at the right time with care plans

    Midwives have shown that they receive less frequent questions and calls through the use of digital care plans while the patient experiences increased availability. A care plan in Kind is a flow of automated messages where the pregnant woman receives the right information at the right time.

  • Digital and GDPR compliant

    All data transfer in Kind is GDPR compliant and can be used for communication with patients, internally between colleagues and externally with other healthcare providers and partners.

Digitalise your healthcare and choose a better way to work