Our platform is designed to save time and increase work efficiency through modern communication.

  • Chat messaging

    Exchange text messages, images, videos and other files in a user friendly interface

  • Broadcast messaging

    Select a cluster of patients and easily communicate with all of them at once

  • Forms

    Share user friendly forms and collect information from patients

  • Read receipts

    Receive confirmation from patients that information  you have shared is read and understood

  • Care plans

    Share automated care plans with messages and different types of content with your patients

  • Video calls

    Securely video chat with your patients for the complete digital experience

  • Posts and information sharing

    Create content and informational material to share with patients and colleagues in the Library and Chat

  • Segmentation of patients

    Categorise patients using tags so you can filter them accordingly

  • Share documents 

    Create templates for scheduling appointments and other types of documents and share with patients

  • Subscription based pricing

    Monthly payments with one month’s notice period based on number of professional users - always free for patients and partners

Digitalise your healthcare and choose a better way to work