Our platform enables you to save time and increase work efficiency through modern communication. 

Communicate in a secure, structured and transparent way with your patients

Read Receipts
With Read Receipts your patients can confirm that they have read and understood your messages.
Schedule Messages
Write and schedule a time for a message to be sent. Make sure that patients don't forget appointments or important information.
Send Files
Import files (Mp4, PNG, JPEG och PDF) and share them with patients and colleagues. 

Meet Remotely

Convenient and Safe
Treating your patients makes it seamless when you have a few minutes face-to-face.
Automatically Generated Reports
With auto generated Video Call Reports, save important information needed for an invoice or keeping all your video calls on record.

Broadcast messages to several contacts at once and streamline your communication

Send messages in bulk.
Categorise patients with tags and communicate with them individually through one action.
Informative communication
These messages don't engage each individual in a dialogue but focuses on informing them.

Customise necessary documents with templates for your clinic

Share Template
Create and share templates with your patients. 
View Template
Your patients can click on your shared template messages and view all the information.
Several Templates
You can have several different templates depending on your needs.

Create, archive and share posts from the clinic’s library. Internally and Externally.

Create posts for the clinic’s Library. Search and find articles through tags and keywords.
Create Post
Create posts and informational content in the Library.
Text Variety
Create posts using headers, sub-headers and use text in different styles such as, italic, bold and regular.
Share Post
With user-friendly options, both professionals and patients can share a post.

Automate and track your patients' journey to save valuable time

Automate your patient's journey with customised care plans. Include messages, files, posts and forms.
Get a quick overview of patient care plans on information cards available on the patient information page.

One of the goals here at Kind is being (ever present) for our healthcare professionals.

Kind for web offers healthcare professionals who primarily work on their computer an effective solution directly in the browser.
The app gives you an opportunity to expand your office outside the workplace and take your patients anywhere.